March, 2008

Re: Albion Hart

Albion Hart, previous English, History, Guidance Counselor, Assistant Principal, Principal & Superintendent @ Atlantic City High School will celebrate his 100th birthday on April 4th (or 9th) (Exact date is in question).

Wouldn't it be great if everyone would send a note with memories, or even just a card to help celebrate this milestone?

Albion Hart
PO Bo 901, Oak Bluffs, MA 02557-0901

Thanx for taking the time to make a special person feel really special, & Thanx for spreading the word.

Linda (Veith) Goukler

August 28, 2007     Re: Summer Reunion Party


Another happy event was staged by the hard working group.... On behalf of all of the Class of '59--- Thank you. For those who could not join us, there is next year,and then we need to mobilize for the Fantastic Fiftieth in TWO YEARS !!!. Thanks to Paul Hartman for maintaining a great Class of '59 Web Site. The unselfish volunteers have made good things happen for our class....

Best to all, Bill Subin

January 2, 2005
To the Class of 1959

My name is John Sullivan. I am a member of ACHS Class of 1963. My sister, Mary M. Sullivan, a member of ACHS Class of 1959, passed away on June 9, 2004, after an eight-year battle with smoking-related cancer that ultimately spread throughout her entire body. She died at home in Silver Spring, MD, leaving behind her husband, Jack E. Boucher, two sons and two grandchildren. She is also survived by our mother, 92-years-old, and as healthy as a horse.

Our father was Vincent J. Sullivan, who taught English at ACHS from 1949 until 1964. He died in 1965.

If someone in the class wishes more information, they may contact me at this email address. As a younger brother, I knew and aggravated many of them during their high school years.

Thank You,
John Sullivan

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