158 Class Members attended the 45th Reunion - largest turn-out in 25 years.
Most of them found their way into this group photo.
Click on a face to view an enlargement. (Use the BACK key to return here.)

This photo was not the highest quality, and although scanned at 1000 dpi, produces fuzzy enlargements. Since the group is arranged on a curve, it was not possible to accurately divide up the group photo to give proper cropped enlargements. Therefore click on your face, then click on someone nearby, and you may be better seen in the adjacent crop.

We would like other formal group photos from previous reunions, for the purpose of doing with others the technique you see above. If you have an 8x10 formal portrait from any other 1959 reunion, please give us use of it.

If your photo is black & white (likely), then if your scanner supports "color, black&white, and gray scale", choose "gray scale" and set the Resolution to 800 Dpi or "Dots per inch". Save the scanned image in Jpeg or JPG format. Attach it to an email and send it to the webmaster.

If you have some other kind of group portrait from a previous reunion, please email the webmaster.

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