Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate, Longport

Pages for Absecon Island related histories, memories, commentary, and related stuff have exploded all over Facebook. We list some of them below as links to follow, but there are many others. Go on Facebook, use Search, then "Groups" then put phrases in the search box like:

Atlantic City, Atlantic City High School, Holy Spirit High School, I grew up in Margate, I grew up in Ventnor, etc.
Or start with these links:

HSHS Class of 1959 on Facebook:
"HSHS 1959"

"You know you're from the Real S. Jersey if…" (2,900 members)

"It's a South Jersey Thing…" (1,800 members)

"I Grew up in Ventnor and..." (850 members)

"I grew up in Margate and..." (Granville Avenue Elementary)

"Downbeach Margations" Margate beach, bars, avenues, etc

There has to be a lot more. Send the link address to the webmaster!

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