Atlantic City High School. The picture on the left, taken from an old postcard, reveals what the newly constructed high school (built in 1922) looked like in its early years, if the colors are true. Note that the street in front is finished with a surface of small beige stones embedded in a tar-like substance, a common technique on the island through the 20s and into the early 40s.

On the right is the ACHS as we knew it, original colors faded by time, wind, and salt spray. I prefer the color and the majestic character of this building over its successor.

(Photo on right courtesy of Barry Rich, Class of 1953)
Another photo from an old postcard. In this shot, the cars are from the 40s, the Albany Avenue Monument (World War One Memorial - also built in 1922) is shown, and the street is finished in beige pebbles within a base of tar.

The Monument's actual name is "Soldiers and Sailors Monument".

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