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FIRST PAGE of 2008 Summer Gathering photos: August 22, 2008

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Attending the Summer Party were 41 graduates of the Class of 1959 along with 24 significant others. (Blue tags went to classmates, red tags to others.) Sixty-five people, total. Not everyone is in the photos; see if you can identify any of these people:

Richard Alten, Barbara Altman, Flossie Finegan Aucter, Millie Belber, Mary Beyer, Stella Ann Nathanson Borenstein, Steve Branch, Anita Sinagra Buff, Charles Costello, Lynne Daley, Calvin Ellis, Bernie Falkow, Charles Fantazza, Cathy Maberry Finnegan, Susan Bertman Fischer, Stephen Frankel, Burton Hicks, Steve Imperiale, Mike Kaas, Theresa Kiette, Suzanne Mahoney Koiro, Stanley Krantz, Gladys McAdam Kratz, Bobby LaRocca, John LoPresti, Edward Maltz, Kathy Eccles Meyers, Linda Grosso Monreale, Charles Paxson, Malcolm Perkins, Pat McCann Raring, Judy Van Horn Reilly, Steve Reses, Jane Hutchinson Rowe, Gus Sarkos, Jay Saslov, Allan Segal, Gerald Shreiber, Ray Smith, Bill Subin, Richard Williams, Bob Winn, Claudette Rice Yancy.

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